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New Zealand 100% Grassfed Organs

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    Focus longer, think clearly and
    conquer the day.

  • Purity

    100% Grass Fed on New Zealand’s pastures. No hormones, pesticides, fillers and GMO free. Only high quality organs.

  • Powerful Organs

    Nature’s superfood has been used
    by our ancestors.

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself

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  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 100% Grass Fed

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Everything you need to know about organ meats and their health benefits.

It’s a superfood and this guide covers it all.

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Our New Zealand Farms

It starts with the source. Our beef organ supplements come from farms in New Zealand that care for their cattle in a rich agriculture ecosystem that includes pesticide free pasture raised living.

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Over thousands of people are already experiencing the power of organs.

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Wonderful Company

Having just begun a ketovore diet, I was looking to include liver, bone broth, and other organ meats to maximize my benefits. But being perfectly honest, I won't eat or prepare these items.

I spent some time researching these supplements and could not be more impressed with the sourcing and preparation of the product. And when you call or email, you actually get the company owner!

Very cool!

P. Ormond


Beef Organs

More energy

I wanted to purchase something similar to this from another manufacturer but I kept getting stuck on the price. Once I came across these and saw it was the same quality, more servings, and less money I was sold. The liver pills were slightly larger than the marrow and organs but were still not too difficult to swallow. Great product, would recommend.



Beef Liver

Better than chewing on Bones...

We like carnivore supplements that have multiple ingredients. Bone, Cartilage and Marrow capsules, they are a great way to get bone health nutrients that are lacking in today's commercial food supply.

Tip: If you are like me and didn't grow up eating, and liking organ meats, take animal organ supplements for your vitamin and minerals needs.



Bone Marrow