About US


Health is a long-term investment. Just like anything else, the small steps you take can lead you to a healthy or rocky road. 

You don’t get unhealthy overnight - it’s the product of many small steps. 

I dealt with overeating. I could polish off 6-8 cupcakes in an hour or finish a batch of cookies in a day. Ok maybe a half-day. 

Then I feel that freight train hit me the next morning. Nowadays since I am older, the train comes much sooner! 

I valued the short-term sugar rush over long term pain – the sluggishness, health problems, inflammation, depression, etc. 

I needed guidance and could not afford a personal trainer so I looked at home workout programs and found P90X. A very intense program. 

I never could do more than 2 pull-ups. Ever. And that’s if I got a running start. 

I took a leap of faith in the program and gradually I was able to do 3 pull-ups, then 6 and after 90 days I could do 2 sets of 10! 

P90X also taught me how to eat - a low fat, light carb and high protein clean eating. After 60 days, everything tasted better. My taste buds were probably overwhelmed with sugar overload. 

And I lost 20 lbs during the 90 day program. 

It was a wake up call no doubt. 

I realized that this isn’t a 90-day program. It’s a lifetime commitment. I really wished I embraced that mindset back then. 

Unfortunately, I allowed life to get in the way. And a few years later I gained the 20 pounds back. Well, maybe a little bit more….. 

And as I got older, my mortality became relevant. In your 20s and 30s, the sky is the limit. Everyone thinks he or she is the Hulk.  

But Life slaps you in the face. You start to recognize you’re moving slower and feeling stiffer. 

The last wake up call was the sight of people 20-30 years older hunched over and frail. I realized that the best defense is offensive. I needed to start NOW to minimize any issues in the future. Time to push forward. 

When I thought about my P90X days, I remembered my drastic change over those 3 months and how those small daily steps created a big win at the end. 

I read about the Ketogenic diet and wanted to give it a try. My issue is carbs. I can’t get enough of them. And the Keto diet is a very low carb, high healthy fat lifestyle. 

Keto ended up working for me. I didn’t crave carbs at all. I enjoyed adding avocados to my meals and used almond flour as a great flour substitute. 

But remember, you need to eat healthy fats when on Keto! 


I always had an itch to start my own business and decided to focus on Keto. I appreciated the keto lifestyle and enjoy creating products that help people. 

It’s not an easy to start a business. You’re working 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. 

But there’s a great joy when you receive a customer feedback about how the product changed her life. 

That’s my motivation! 

I started One Earth Health with the Keto Test strips. 

I created the strips because they are higher quality than the competing brands and we were 50% cheaper! 

One Earth Health has become my teacher. I’m learning a lot and it’s a daily process. As an owner, people rely on you – from coworkers to customers. 

Next, I found a product that complemented my Keto lifestyle – organ meat. Yes, I know it’s strange, but visit our website to learn more. I enjoy the extra energy and want to fine-tune my diet with nutrient dense foods. 

I experimented with some supplements and plants such as Moringa leaves. Don’t get me wrong. I eat spinach, kale, broccoli and other leafy green veggies. But organ meat is a superfood at another level. 

Who knew adrenal glands have more Vitamin C than oranges! 

And I am always looking for new products. 



My company takes the time to find high quality ingredients so that you benefit in the long run. 

For example, some of our products are a bit more expensive than other competitors because we don’t concentrate on price. We focus on cost. Your health cost in the long run. We want to minimize that by providing quality products. 

Here is a great example. You have 2 bikes. One is for $89 and the other is $129. They do the exact thing. They get you from point A to point B. And like anyone else, I would pick the $99 bike. 

Now this bike may be ok if you use it once in a while, but like your health, you intend on using it each day. 

After a while the bike’s handle bar gets loose. Luckily, your 60 day warranty covers it. But on day 100 the chain snaps. The warranty is expired. You now have to buy a new one for $20. 

A few months later, the seat needs replacement. Another $15. By year-end, yep, you have to replace the back tire for $25. Thus the price is not really $99 but $149 (89+20+15+25). And that’s only after 1 year of ownership. Remember, you still need to use this bike everyday. 

You may have saved on price, but you are not winning on cost in the long run. It’s better off spending a little bit more for the $129 bike that lasts for 10+ years. 

That’s how we look at our product line. We will do our best to make our price reasonable without sacrificing quality. 

That’s what makes me proud about this company. We are not perfect. I know we may make mistakes along the way. As long as we are doing our best in an honest manner, our company will thrive. 

I know this “about us” page was not short but you need to hear my story to understand what makes me tick. 

Now it’s time to find yours! 

If you have any questions about our product line to what it takes to start a business, reach out to me through the contact page! 

In Good Health. 

Faisal Toor 

One Earth Health Owner