Keto Rash

    So, you’ve started your ketogenic diet journey and are brimming with optimism to lose weight. Your goal is definitely attainable, but the journey will not be short of stumbling blocks. In fact, if you have not done keto before, brace yourself for a bumpy ride, at least for the first few weeks. 


    That said, there is no cause for alarm as many of the keto-related issues are straightforward and easy to deal with. However, there is one problem that has many would-be keto dieters worried, and skeptical about the entire plan. 

    In this article, we’ll discuss all the nitty-gritty of the keto rash, a side effect that is dreaded by many. I’ll tell you why you need not panic, and reveal all you need to do to get over this issue.Ready? Let’s get started!


    Keto rash, scientifically known as Prurigo pigmentosa, is an unusual and troublesome inflammatory skin infection that appears in the early stages of the keto diet journey. While its exact origin is not known, a condition that is similar to keto rash was first spotted in Japan in 1971[1]. However, there seem to be a few studies describing keto rash as the same exact condition as Prurigo pigmentosa. Interestingly, rigorous research done mostly involves Asian women and has shown some similarities between the two. [2

    Back to our discussion, Keto rash can be annoying and sometimes can interrupt sleep. The itchy rashes can occur almost asymmetrically on the front and backside of your body. Notably, when the rashes occur, they affect the armpits, back, chest, and sometimes it can develop in the neck. As you may notice, the distribution of the red spots and rash is often in the sweaty areas of your body. 

    Studies have shown that keto rash is more prevalent in female than male, and is commonly reported in female teenagers. Besides, keto dieters suffering uncontrolled diabetes can also experience keto rash in the early stages of the keto journey.

    what causes keto rash?

    As mentioned earlier, there seem to be unverified links between the keto rash and prurigo pigmentosa. Also, unlike the scientifically proven prurigo pigmentosa, the keto rash has not been studied extensively. So, can we really pinpoint the cause of the keto rash? 

    Nutritionists, as well as researchers, are yet to definitively identify the cause of keto rash. There exist many theories about the cause of this rare condition, but the theories are just but speculative. Healthline, a reputable health information website, heralds that there are several associated conditions which include still’s disease, H. pylori infection, and Sjögren’s syndrome. The same site intimates that acute keto rash can occur when your body reaches ketosis. 

    Another reputable resource, the, suggests that the itchy sensation may be as a result of ketone bodies in the sweat. Some researchers also believe that keto rash is caused by excessive fasting, allergens, or nutrient deficiency. While the actual cause is not known, keto rash is real, and many ketogenic dieters experience the condition in the early stages of their journey.

    symptoms of keto rash

    Keto rash is an unusual type of dermatitis that is prevalent in keto dieters. While the cause remains unknown, the condition is still a worry for keto beginners and if you are looking to start your keto journey here are the symptoms to watch out for: 

    · Papules or red spots that are taking a weblike pattern. 

    · Itchy red rash developing primarily on the chest, upper back, and abdomen.· When the red spots disappear, you may notice a dark brown pattern on the affected part of the skin. 

    Now, the itching is known to start as soon as you enter ketosis and can go away within a day if you add more carbs to your diets. In addition, the severity of the keto rash can be intensified by exercising or hot weather.


    The most exciting aspect of the keto rash is that it is preventable and treatable. All the prevention and treatment strategies are easy to apply at home. That said, we highly advise our followers to immediately see a physician in case the home remedies fail to deal with the keto rash effectively. 

    Here are the things you can do to prevent keto rash

    · As we mentioned, keto rash happens once your body enters ketosis. One of the most effective ways of preventing keto rash is to avoid dropping your carbs intake abruptly. Adopt a strategy that will slowly decrease carbs intake and usher your body into ketosis more seamlessly. 

    · Taking a once-a-day supplement of multimineral or multivitamin can also help prevent keto rash. 

    · Lastly, consult your doctor or dietitian before embarking on a keto journey. The dietitian can draw an effective diet plan that will make your transition safe. 

    When it comes to curing keto rash, there are multiple at-home remedies, including: 

    · Increase carbs intake: if you notice keto rash soon after you enter ketosis, reintroducing the carbs back to your diet can ease the symptoms. [3

    · Do away with food allergens: Many of the foods you take in keto meal plans happen to be known food allergens [4]. If possible, eliminate the food allergens from your diet to ease the effects of keto rash. 

    · Supplementation: Another thing to do to cure keto rash is correcting nutrients deficiency. For example, the lack of enough vitamin A, B12, and C can be the reason you are experiencing keto rash. For this reason, eating plenty of veggies and fruits to increase vitamins and minerals intake can remedy the keto rash. [5

    · Use anti-inflammatory supplements. 

    · Restructure your training or exercise regimen. 

    · Wear comfortable clothing 

    · In most cases, the keto rash will go away, so give it some time to heal on its own. 

    · Consult your doctor on the most effective antibiotics and medication to use.




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