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The temptation is there. The pies, cookies and cakes. I fell off the wagon before and this year created a checklist to make sure I'm protected.

Before we get to the stock up keto snacks advice, I want to dig deeper on a personal level. It's an issue I've been dealing with myself. Its the core reason why people don’t lose weight.

Know your why

Why are you losing weight? Is it an internal or external goal? External is looking good in a swimsuit to impress someone.

Internal is focusing on your health to prevent long term problems such as cancer or physical issues. 

My internal why is optimal health. When I see someone in their 70s - 80s barely living a full life, it’s a visual reminder to connect to my internal why.

Have a strong internal why is key to lose weight. Remind yourself each day. Make sure your internal why is solid and connected to you.

Keto Snacks

Stock up the pantry with your homemade or store-bought keto snacks. Remember that most snacks have little nutritional value. 

Keep tabs on your snack intake. If it's more than two a day, you probably are not eating enough fat. Review your food intake for the past few days and adjust.

Meal Prep

Stress is the enemy and your self-care takes a nosedive. Create a weekly meal prep guide and print it out for easy access. It’s a good motivator to have when you want to cheat. A quick glance at your meal plan is great pep talk to stay on track. 

Add a snack section to your meal prep guide. When you get a bit overwhelmed and about to bite into a brownie, the snack section will remind you about keto snack options.

Cheating For One Meal

The road to chaos starts this way. Cheating with one meal becomes the day, weekend, week and then the month. Now layer that with the holiday season. It can get tempting. I know the routine. I've done it. 

The worst part is the post keto feeling – the headaches, energy loss, awful post sugar high, etc.


Mental and physical preparation is key. You can have all the snacks in the world and have the next 30 meals already made. The key is your internal why. 

If that’s weak, the road to long term success will not be there. It’s worth the time to make it into a solid foundation.


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