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The carnivore diet is trending for women in the US. Many women are curious about this meat-only way of eating. Some newbie women intend to try the carnivore diet for 30 days but are unsure about its results in real life.

They wonder if it will work for them. They have questions and doubts. Will they feel good? Will they lose weight? What about their energy levels and mood?

They also think about potential challenges. Can they stick to eating only meat for a month? What will they miss from their usual diet? These are common concerns.

This article is the key to that by providing real-life cases of women who tried the carnivore diet for 30 days.

It will share their stories and experiences. Readers will learn about the benefits and challenges they faced. They will find out what changes these women saw in their bodies and minds.

This way, readers can make an informed choice. They can see if the carnivore diet might help them reach their health goals.

Understanding the Carnivore Diet

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What is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet is a way of eating that focuses solely on animal products. This means consuming only meat, fish, eggs, organs, and some dairy. It excludes all plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts.

Some people also include coffee and tea, but purists avoid them. The goal is to simplify the diet to improve health and well-being. The idea is to return to a way of eating that resembles what our ancestors might have eaten. The diet relies on high-fat and high-protein foods.

Why 30 Days is Necessary for Results

A 30-day period is necessary for seeing results on the carnivore diet. This time frame allows the body to adjust to a new way of eating.

Initially, the body may go through a transition phase. This can include symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and digestive changes. These symptoms are often called the "keto flu" because they are similar to what people experience when starting a ketogenic diet.

The body needs time to adapt to burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. This metabolic shift doesn't happen overnight. It usually takes a few weeks.

During the first two weeks, the body is adjusting. By the third and fourth weeks, most people start noticing significant changes. These can include weight loss, increased energy, and improved mental clarity.

Scientific research supports the idea that habits form over 21 to 30 days. This period allows for a consistent and thorough trial of the diet.

It helps individuals fully experience the benefits and challenges. It also allows time for the body to stabilize and for new eating patterns to become routine.

Carnivore Diet Results 30-Day Female: Real-life Cases

#1. Laura

Before starting the carnivore diet, Laura struggled with weight loss and had a desire to improve her overall health. With the aim of losing weight, Laura committed to eliminating snacking and eating outside of meal times.

In the first two weeks, she faced challenges with no weight loss, but she persevered. In the second half of the 30 days, she experienced a significant weight loss.

She lost a total of 15 pounds and enjoyed a feeling of satisfaction and fullness from eating fatty meats, along with improved energy levels.

However, she also experienced stalls in her weight loss and variability in her daily food intake, which fluctuated, based on her cravings and fasting habits.

Overall, Laura found success with the carnivore diet, particularly in terms of weight loss. She emphasized the importance of consistency, flexibility, and finding what works best for individual needs.

#2. Courtney

Before starting the carnivore diet, Courtney struggled with consuming excessive dairy in the form of creamy coffees and mindless snacking on cheese. She also mentioned being at a weight loss stall due to unnecessary dairy consumption.

Courtney's carnivore diet progress involved saving money by cutting down on trips to coffee shops and fast-food restaurants, as well as regaining her hunger cues and feeling satisfied with fatty meats.

Throughout the 30 days, she saw benefits such as weight loss (around 8 pounds), clearer skin, reduced bloating, and improved energy levels.

However, she also mentioned the challenge of moderation with dairy intake and the temptation to overindulge, especially with creamy coffees and cheese.

Courtney expressed a positive recommendation for the carnivore diet to individuals dealing with weight loss stalls or wanting to shake up their eating habits. She emphasized the importance of finding a balance and being mindful of food choices, especially regarding dairy intake.

#3. Alice

Alice is a woman who, along with her partner Kevin, embarked on a pure carnivore challenge for the month of April with the primary goal of shedding a couple of pounds. Alice wanted to return to pre-pregnancy shape, while Kevin aimed to lean out for the summer.

Alice experienced the pure carnivore diet for 30 days, losing approximately five pounds, translating to about three percent of body fat.

She found success in losing two inches off her waist and stated that they were both already quite lean before the challenge began, so their weight loss goals were more modest.

However, she encountered difficulties sticking to a pure carnivore diet due to taste bud adjustment and acceptance of simply seasoned foods. She also needed to be mindful of food volume and portion control, facing challenges with strict adherence and snacking tendencies.

She encourages consistency in dietary and exercise habits as key factors in successful fat loss, stressing the importance of long-term commitment over drastic measures.

#4. Stacie

Stacie had been struggling with chronic fatigue, joint inflammation, dental issues, and visible puffiness in her face, leading to a lack of energy and overall discomfort.

She was tired of feeling drained and wanted to make a change to regain her health and vitality, prompting her to choose the carnivore diet as a potential solution.

Stacie's carnivore diet progress involved keeping a food diary to track her meals and sticking strictly to meat, eggs, and butter for the first two weeks.

After two weeks, Stacie noticed improved overall well-being, including reduced sugar cravings, increased mental clarity, weight loss (8 lbs in one month), and decreased tooth pain and joint inflammation.

However, there were also initial challenges with nausea and leg cramps, necessitating electrolyte supplements, and difficulties adjusting to the strict diet regimen.

Stacie stopped the carnivore diet after 30 days to see if her health issues would resurface. Unfortunately, she experienced a return of joint inflammation, congestion, fatigue, bloating, and dental pain within a week of returning to her previous diet.

Stacie concluded that while eating meat may not be the direct cause of her improvements, eliminating other potentially inflammatory foods from her diet had a positive impact on her health.

#5. Karyn

Karyn, a 58-year-old woman, along with her 61-year-old husband Dan, embarked on the carnivore diet with a focus on improving their health and self-sufficiency as they approach retirement.

Karyn aimed to lose weight incrementally, starting with a goal of shedding 50 pounds as part of their self-sufficiency journey. Before the carnivore diet, Karyn weighed approximately 200 pounds and had concerns about her overall health and mobility for their future plans.

Karyn's carnivore diet progress involved a 30-day commitment to the carnivore diet, with a focus on tracking her weight loss and inches lost.

In just 30 days, she experienced a weight loss of 15.3 pounds and a noticeable inch loss around the waist and hips.

Additionally, improvements in skin health were noted, along with reduced joint pain and inflammation, increased energy levels, and enhanced mobility and flexibility.

However, there were still some lingering issues, such as inflammation in the legs and occasional joint pain related to specific conditions, indicating areas for further attention and improvement.

Karyn expressed satisfaction with her results and highlighted various improvements in her health and well-being as a direct result of the carnivore diet.

Karyn emphasized the importance of trusting the process of the carnivore diet, acknowledging that some health issues may take longer than 30 days to resolve completely.

#6. Beth

Beth is a woman approximately 65 years old and married. Before starting the carnivore diet, she was dealing with weight gain, IBS issues, a feeling of puffiness, and various digestive problems.

She decided to start the carnivore (zero carbs) diet after being inspired by YouTubers like Lisa Lisa D1 and Dr. Ken Berry. She started the diet by switching to beef patties from McDonald's and gradually eliminated artificial sweeteners.

After 30 days on the carnivore diet, she experienced notable results. She lost around 4-5 pounds and significantly improved her IBS symptoms. Additionally, her sleep quality improved, and while she struggled with craving sweeteners, she found freedom from overeating.

However, she had yet to experience significant mental health benefits.

She plans to continue the carnivore diet for another 60 days based on the mental health benefits promised by long-time carnivore practitioners.


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The carnivore diet offers a unique and transformative approach to eating. The diet's simplicity and focus on animal products promise weight loss, improved energy, and better mental clarity.

However, the transition can be challenging, requiring patience and dedication as the body adjusts.

Real-life experiences of women who have completed the 30-day carnivore challenge highlight both the positive outcomes and the obstacles encountered along the way. These stories serve as a practical guide, offering a realistic perspective on what to expect.

Embarking on a 30-day carnivore diet is a personal journey that can offer you significant insights into your body's response to a meat-only regimen. Each individual's journey will vary, but the common thread is the commitment to exploring a new path to health and wellness.

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