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The Carnivore Diet is gaining traction in the United States, capturing the interest of many health enthusiasts, including women. However, despite the growing buzz, many women remain uncertain about the true benefits and potential outcomes of adopting a carnivore diet.

This uncertainty drives many to seek tangible evidence and personal stories to better understand what to expect. Women, in particular, are looking for authentic before and after case studies from real-life individuals who have embarked on this dietary journey.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive report on the female transformation journey with the carnivore diet. We will delve into the stories of women who have taken the plunge into this all-meat lifestyle, examining their motivations, struggles, and triumphs.

Through these detailed accounts, we will explore the profound changes they have experienced, shedding light on the potential benefits and challenges of the carnivore diet.

The Basics of the Carnivore Diet

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The Carnivore Diet is a unique eating plan where individuals consume only animal-based products.

The Carnivore Diet operates on a few simple principles:

1. First and foremost, eat only animal-based foods. This includes beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, eggs, and limited dairy products like cheese and butter.

2. Second, prioritize fatty cuts of meat to ensure adequate calorie intake and satiety.

3. Third, drink water as the primary beverage, although some followers include coffee and tea.

The concept of an all-meat diet is not new. It has historical roots in the dietary practices of various indigenous populations, such as the Inuit and the Maasai, who traditionally consumed a diet rich in animal products.

Carnivore Diet Before and After Female: Real-life Case Studies

#1. Kimberly | 5-Day Carnivore Diet

Kim is in her late 30s or early 40s, married, and is a mother. Before starting the carnivore diet, she expressed feeling bloated and gross after indulging in holiday foods and a period of excessive eating and traveling.

Kim decided to kick off 2023 with a carnivore diet after having experience with keto in the past. After five days on the carnivore diet, Kim documented her experience.

She mentioned feeling full and fine, experiencing consistent energy levels without feeling tired or lethargic. She shared a weight loss of about seven pounds and highlighted incorporating cold exposure and infrared sauna sessions into her routine.

Benefits included effective weight loss, increased energy levels, and a positive overall feeling, while challenges included missing sauce variety and the need for more fat in certain cuts of meat.

Kim expressed enjoyment of her carnivore diet experience, noting its beneficial impact on her health goals.

#2. Jenny | 30-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Jenny is a woman who recently completed a 30-day carnivore diet experiment. She is in her 30s and a mother of twin toddlers.

Before starting the carnivore diet, Jenny had some stubborn weight gain from her twin pregnancy, with about 20 pounds left to lose. Her husband initially introduced her to the idea of trying the carnivore diet, which led her to do significant research and ultimately give it a shot.

After the 30-day carnivore diet, Jenny saw significant results. She lost a total of 8 pounds, with measurements showing reductions in inches around her chest, waist, and belly area.

Her blood glucose levels became more stable and lower, providing a better overall health indicator.

Despite these positive outcomes, Jenny also faced challenges such as diarrhea, constipation, and sleep disturbances. Additionally, the monotony of the diet resulted in some boredom and craving for variety in food choices.

She encourages others interested in trying the carnivore diet to gradually transition to it, focus on electrolyte intake, prioritize fatty cuts of meat, and ensure proper meal planning and grocery stocking.

#3. Nisha | 30-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Before trying the carnivore diet, Nisha was struggling with bloating issues and stomach pains. She had tried various diets in the past, including veganism, which didn't work well for her and left her feeling unhealthy with hair and nail problems.

Nisha came across the carnivore diet through various sources. Nisha followed the carnivore diet for about a month, primarily consuming foods like steak, eggs, bacon, salmon, and butter.

She noted some benefits of the diet, such as reduced cravings, decreased bloating, and improved skin issues.

However, she also experienced drawbacks like the monotony of the diet, low energy levels at the gym, and social challenges when eating out with friends.

Nisha appreciates the positive aspects of the carnivore diet, such as reduced cravings and some improvements in her bloating issues.

#4. Felician | 30-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Felician is a 52-year-old woman who was struggling with sugar cravings, binging episodes, and weight management before starting the carnivore diet.

She found out about the carnivore diet through research and decided to give it a try for 30 days. Felician started the carnivore diet with a consultation with her doctor to ensure a structured plan to follow.

She mentioned several benefits she experienced, including the elimination of sugar cravings and the absence of binging episodes.

Additionally, she enjoyed better sleep and increased productivity, along with a significant weight loss of 16.8 pounds, primarily consisting of body fat. She also reported improved satiety and satisfaction with her meals and an enhanced metabolism.

However, she noted some drawbacks, such as an initial period of weirdness due to a reduced appetite, an unexpectedly high calorie intake, and a change in her relationship with food.

Felician acknowledges the positive impact the carnivore diet had on her health and well-being, particularly in overcoming sugar cravings and binging episodes.

She might recommend the carnivore diet to women looking to reset their metabolism and address sugar addiction, emphasizing the individualized approach to finding what works best for one's body.

#5. Kris | 30-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Kris is in her 50s and is married. Before starting the carnivore diet, she was on a weight loss journey post-menopause, aiming to lose a total of 35 pounds. She had previously lost 18 pounds using Brightline Eating and turned to the carnivore diet to continue her weight loss journey.

She decided to try the carnivore diet as part of her weight loss strategy. She started with the diet and followed it for about four weeks, during which she lost 12 pounds.

The results from the carnivore diet revealed several benefits. Initially, she experienced rapid weight loss, shedding about 1-1.5 pounds per day.

She also felt satisfied and full throughout the day with protein-based meals and found the carnivore diet to be a useful tool in her weight loss arsenal, helping her get back on track when needed.

However, there were some drawbacks. After a year and a half, the diet ceased to be effective, and she no longer saw significant weight loss results. This led to frustration with the slower weight loss progress after the long-term implementation of the diet.

She does recommend the carnivore diet as a short-term solution to pull yourself back on track or kickstart weight loss. She suggests consulting a medical professional before starting the diet, especially for individuals with underlying health conditions.

#6. Christina | 60-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Christina is a weight loss coach who has successfully lost over 100 pounds on a ketogenic diet. She transitioned to the carnivore diet to address the last 20 pounds she couldn't lose on keto and for overall health benefits.

Before starting the carnivore diet, Christina was struggling with the last stubborn 20 pounds of weight that wouldn't budge on keto. Despite her efforts, her weight was fluctuating and not showing sustained progress.

Christina has been on the carnivore diet for 60 days, starting at the turn of January. She began the diet due to the weight loss plateau she experienced on keto.

Throughout the 60 days, she saw significant changes in her body, specifically dropping dress size and experiencing improvements in muscle tone and overall strength.

During her 60-day carnivore diet journey, she saw impressive results. She dropped more than 6 inches in hip circumference, equivalent to a dress size reduction, and lost around 3.5 pounds overall.

Additionally, she noticed improved muscle tone and an increase in lean muscle mass. Mentally, she experienced greater clarity and increased productivity. Furthermore, she observed that family members who adopted the carnivore diet resolved various skin and autoimmune issues.

Christina acknowledges that the carnivore diet may not be for everyone but recommends it for individuals struggling with stubborn weight or unresolved health issues on keto.

Christina plans to continue the carnivore diet as long as it continues to work for her, prioritizing health and healing over short-term weight loss goals.

#7. Beth | 60-Day Carnivore Diet Results

Beth is a woman in her early 60s. She mentions that she has been suffering from IBS for the past five to ten years, which caused intense diarrhea, which was a major concern for her health and quality of life.

Beth started the carnivore diet, consisting of meat, seafood, butter, and cheese while excluding plant-based foods like cakes and pies, about 60 days ago. She also limited her coffee intake and occasional diet pop indulgence during this period.

After 60 days on the carnivore diet, Beth experienced several benefits. She found weight loss easy. Her IBS symptoms were eliminated. She gained freedom from addictive eating habits.

Her sleep patterns improved slightly. Additionally, she noticed surprising beauty benefits, such as improved eyelash and eyebrow growth.

However, she mentions that she has not seen improvements in her depression yet, which is a reputed benefit of the carnivore diet.

Beth highly recommends the carnivore diet to women, especially those who struggle with weight management, digestive issues like IBS, and addictive eating habits.

She believes that the benefits she has experienced outweigh any challenges she has faced, making it a worthwhile dietary choice.

#8. Karyn | 4-Month Carnivore Diet Results

Karyn started her carnivore diet weight loss journey in the first week of July and this video serves as her 4-month update on the diet, which puts her at day 122 of the carnivore diet.

During this time, she documented her weight loss progress, took measurements, and shared before and after pictures.

After 4 months on the carnivore diet, she has lost a total of 39.1 lbs, with a significant 4 lbs weight loss observed in the past week. She also mentions inch losses off her chest and waist while noting that her clothing feels looser overall.

She expresses her enthusiasm for the carnivore diet and recommends it to others, especially women who may be struggling with weight loss. She appears motivated by her own progress and seems eager to continue her journey with the carnivore diet.

#9. Tracy | 6-Month Carnivore Diet Results

Tracy mentions that her husband is a fisherman, indicating a married status, and they reside in Spain.

Before starting the carnivore diet, she was already fat-adapted from following a mostly ketogenic and plant-based diet, but she noticed weight fluctuations and was dealing with oxalate dumping symptoms.

She discovered the carnivore diet and decided to give it a try to address her health concerns. Starting with barbecues and cravings for lamb, she gradually transitioned into the diet.

After six months on the carnivore diet, Tracy shared her results. She experienced improved energy levels and focus, and she maintained her weight despite eating more frequently.

Her skin became clearer, and she noticed a reduction in eczema. Additionally, she saw better muscle definition from weight training.

However, she faced challenges with hunger and weight fluctuations. She also had high uric acid levels and continued to experiment with supplements.

She concludes by expressing her satisfaction with the carnivore diet, highlighting the positive changes she has noticed in her physical appearance and overall well-being.

#10. Laura | 1-Year Carnivore Diet Results

Laura is in her 30s and is married. Before starting the carnivore diet, she struggled with weight gain since college, yo-yo dieting, malnutrition from a vegan diet, and overall health issues like acne, energy loss, and dental problems.

She delved into the carnivore diet after hearing about it from her husband, who was managing type 2 diabetes with a low-carb diet. Her journey began with keto and transitioned to strict carnivore, with significant weight loss milestones reached within the first few months.

Among the benefits, she lost a remarkable 120 pounds within a year, improved her overall health, energy levels, and endurance, and achieved a sense of satiety and mental clarity.

However, she initially experienced digestive issues, although these improved over time. She also struggled with moderation and occasional overeating tendencies. Additionally, she faced challenges in maintaining strict adherence to the diet, especially when tempted after fasting.

She acknowledges her personal struggles with moderation and urges viewers to find what works best for them. Despite the challenges, she promotes the carnivore diet for its effectiveness and transformative impact on her health and weight loss journey.

#11. Courtney | 1-Year Carnivore Diet Results

Before starting the carnivore diet, Courtney struggled with health issues, including weight fluctuations, low energy levels, acne, and nutritional deficiencies from a vegan diet.

Courtney discovered the carnivore diet on TikTok, and her journey began by transitioning from a low-carb keto diet to an animal-based carnivore approach. Over the course of the year, she experimented with various meal combinations, fasting strategies, and exercises.

She lost 45 pounds, saw an improvement in her skin condition with reduced acne, and experienced better digestion and reduced bloating. Additionally, she enjoyed enhanced food freedom and improved mental health.

However, she also faced periodic weight fluctuations despite making dietary adjustments and received backlash and hate on social media for promoting the carnivore diet.

Courtney highly recommends the carnivore diet based on her positive experiences, emphasizing the benefits of food freedom, improved mental health, and overall well-being.

She encourages individuals to give the diet a try for at least 30 days and highlights the supportive carnivore community as a valuable resource for guidance and motivation.

#12. Lisa | 3-Year Carnivore Diet Results

Lisa is a woman over 50, who shares her personal experience with the carnivore diet. She reflects on the transformation the diet has brought to her life and how it has positively impacted her well-being and self-perception.

Around three years ago, after struggling with menopausal symptoms, decreased energy, and a sense of lost identity, Lisa decided to try the carnivore diet.

Initially, she faced challenges in adjusting to menopausal changes, leading her to question her future vitality and happiness. On the carnivore diet, she noticed an increase in energy, weight loss, reduced bloating, improved mental clarity, and overall emotional well-being.

The results of her dietary changes included several benefits and drawbacks. She experienced increased energy levels and mental clarity, weight loss, and reduced bloating. Her mood and emotional well-being improved, leading to enhanced self-confidence and vitality.

However, she also felt pressure to conform to societal beauty standards and faced challenges in maintaining a strict dietary regimen. Additionally, she dealt with societal judgment and backlash for her unconventional dietary choices.

Lisa highly recommends the carnivore diet to women, particularly those going through menopause or facing health challenges. She emphasizes the diet's holistic impact, not just on physical health but also on mental and emotional well-being.


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The Carnivore Diet presents a compelling case for those seeking a drastic yet potentially transformative approach to nutrition. For women exploring this path, the real-life before and after transformations can offer valuable insights and inspiration.

These stories provide a glimpse into the possibilities of enhanced energy, mental clarity, weight management, and overall well-being. By understanding the principles and potential outcomes of the Carnivore Diet, women can make empowered decisions about their health and dietary choices.

Whether you are a dedicated carnivore diet lover or someone contemplating this significant lifestyle change, the journey promises to be both challenging and rewarding, paving the way for a new understanding of nutrition and health.

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