Beef tallow and beef lard are some of the healthiest beef byproducts you can consume. They are an amazing way to get some of the many benefits beef organs can offer. Here's how to find them in grocery stores.

Where Is Beef Tallow Or Beef Lard In The Grocery Stores?

"Where is beef tallow in the grocery store?" is sometimes a hard question. Navigating through the intricate aisles of a grocery store can be overwhelming, especially when you're on a mission to find a specific product. 

You're in the right place if you're searching where to find beef tallow in grocery stores. This quick guide will detail where you can locate beef tallow in the grocery store, its appearance, substitutes, and more.

What Is Beef Tallow

What is beef tallow?

Before we dive into its whereabouts, it's essential to understand what beef tallow is. 

Beef tallow is a rendered fat product obtained from beef suet, the dense white fat surrounding the kidneys and loins of cattle. 

Beef tallow has a high smoke point (above 205 °C), making it suitable for various cooking methods such as frying, roasting, and sautéing. Its stable nature at high temperatures means it doesn't break down easily. Also, you can reuse it for frying multiple times.

Beef tallow imparts a rich, savory flavor to foods. People use it to cook or fry and enhance the taste of dishes. People especially prize it for its contribution to creating crispy and flavorful fried foods like French fries.

Beef tallow is historically significant in traditional cooking, especially in regions where cattle farming is prevalent. People have commonly used and experienced it in older recipes. 

Beef suet has a resurgence in popularity due to the interest in traditional and artisanal cooking methods.

Where Is Beef Tallow In The Grocery Store?

The tricky part is locating beef tallow in average grocery stores. Unlike popular oils and butter, people sometimes place beef tallow in unpredictable aisles. 

While many modern stores are starting to understand its value and provide a spot on the shelves. It can sometimes differ from where you'd first expect. Below are some places we suggest you find first.

Meat Section or Butcher Counter

Let's begin with the meat section – the most straightforward place to look. Many stores place beef tallows nearby, especially when they have an in-house butcher. 

Generally, you'll find beef tallow in the meat section of your local grocery store, often alongside cuts of beef.

Refrigerated Dairy Aisle

Though it might surprise some, beef tallow sometimes finds its home beside the butter and lard due to its need for cooler storage. 

It might sound counterintuitive, but people must store beef tallow and lard in cooler temperatures. You can sometimes find them near the butter and lard in the dairy or refrigerated fats section.

Cooking Oil Aisle

When hunting for beef tallow in your local grocery store, the cooking oils aisle is one of the first spots to check. 

It's the go-to section for various cooking fats, including beef tallow. Look for it among the oils and fats options.

Baking Ingredients Aisle

Another spot to keep your eyes peeled is the baking ingredients aisle. Yep, you read that right. 

Beef tallow isn't just for savory dishes; it's also a fantastic ingredient for baking. Check for it alongside other baking essentials.

Specialty Or Organic Aisles

As the trend for natural eating grows, many stores have dedicated sections for organic or specialty items. Beef tallow and lard are sitting on these shelves. 

Stores that cater to organic or health-conscious consumers may have a separate aisle or section. Check here for beef tallow and lard. People consider these to be healthier alternatives to many conventional cooking fats.

Packaging Beef Tallow: How Does It Look In A Grocery Store?

Beef tallow usually comes in a tub or jar. Packaging colors can range from pure white to creamy off-white, depending on its purity and source.

Some labels might depict a cow, while others focus on showcasing the creamy texture of the tallow inside. 

The packaging may vary depending on the brand, from plastic containers to glass jars. The consistency is creamy, much like butter.

Tips For Choosing Good Beef Tallow In Grocery Stores

Ask The Butcher

Don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with the friendly butcher. They're often a wealth of knowledge when it comes to meat products. 

Simply ask them about the availability of beef tallow, and they can point you in the right direction or even provide recommendations.

Quality Matters

When it comes to beef tallow, quality is key. Here's what you need to know:

Understanding grades: Beef tallow can come in different grades. Look for tallow that's labeled as "rendered beef fat" or "beef suet." These tend to be of higher quality and purity.

Shelf life considerations: Check the expiration date on the packaging. Freshness matters, and you'll want to choose a product with a longer shelf life to ensure it stays good for your culinary adventures.

Packaging Choices

Consider the packaging. Tallow is commonly available in jars, tubs, or even as rendered beef fat bricks. Choose the packaging that suits your needs and kitchen storage options.

Reading Labels

Before making your final selection, take a moment to read the product labels carefully:

Deciphering product labels: Look for labels explicitly mentioning "100% beef tallow" or "pure beef fat." These indicate a higher purity level and are ideal for various cooking applications.

Identifying pure vs. blended tallow: People may blend some products with other fats or additives. If you're looking for pure beef tallow, make sure the label doesn't mention any additional ingredients you want to avoid.

Popular Brands For Beef Lard In Grocery Store

Trust brands that have a strong reputation in producing beef tallow. Some popular brands you can take a reference:

1. Epic

2. Fatworks

3. Pure Traditions

4. US Wellness Meats

5. Teton Waters Ranch

6. Grassland

7. Carrington Farms

8. Tendergrass Farms

9. White Oak Pastures

10. Leaf Lard

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Pay attention to what other shoppers are saying. High ratings and positive feedback are indicators of a good product. 

Check for comments about texture, flavor, and overall quality. This insight can be invaluable in making your choice.

Products To Pair With Beef Tallow

Given its robust flavor, beef tallow complements several products:

1. Seasonings: Think rosemary, thyme, or garlic powder for an extra kick. You can perfectly pair natural herbs and spices with beef tallow dishes.

2. Meats: Enhance the taste of steaks or ground beef. Enhance the flavor of your beef tallow by using it with grass-fed meats.

3. Veggies: Perfect for roasting vegetables, providing them with a crispy exterior. Fry or sauté them using tallow for a healthy, flavorful meal.

4. Bread: An excellent substitute for butter when toasting bread or making sandwiches.

5. Potatoes: Beef tallow is excellent for frying potatoes, creating crispy and flavorful French fries or potato wedges.

6. Onions: Sautéing onions in beef tallow can infuse your dishes with a rich and savory flavor.

7. Steak: Use beef tallow as a baste or for pan-searing steaks to enhance their flavor and create a delicious crust.

8. Vegetables: Roasting or sautéing vegetables in beef tallow can elevate their taste, making them a delightful side dish.

9. Popcorn: Pop popcorn in beef tallow for a unique and tasting twist on a classic snack.

10. Dumplings: Use beef tallow in the dough for dumplings to impart a rich, savory taste.

11. Roast chicken: Rubbing chicken with beef tallow before roasting can result in a juicy and flavorful bird.

12. Homemade Tortillas: Use beef tallow in your tortilla recipe for a delicious, authentic taste.

U.S. Grocery Stores To Buy Beef Tallow

Many well-stocked grocery stores carry beef tallow. Major chains like Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Target and Costco always carry it.

For more options:

1. Safeway: Safeway is a well-known grocery store chain with locations in several states, offering a variety of products and services.

2. Publix: It is a well-known grocery store company with most of its stores in the Southeastern region of the United States. It is renowned for its high-quality merchandise and friendly staff.

3. Trader Joe's: Trader Joe's is known for its unique and affordable products, including a wide range of groceries and specialty items.

4. H-E-B: Operating primarily in Texas, H-E-B is a well-regarded supermarket chain known for its variety and quality.

5. Aldi: Aldi is a discount supermarket chain with locations across the US, offering affordable groceries and household items.

Other Places To Buy Beef Tallow

1.Online retailers: Numerous online retailers offer beef tallow for purchase. Amazon, for example, has several brands available. Also, a good online retailer you can try for beef tallow and organ beef products is One Earth Health.

2. Butcher shops: Local butcher shops often have beef tallow available. You can ask your local butcher if they sell it or can set some aside for you.

3. Farmers' markets: Some farmers' or specialty food markets may sell homemade or artisanal beef tallow. It's worth checking with local vendors.

4. Rendering facilities: Rendering facilities that process animal fats may sell beef tallow to the public. you can inquire if there are any such facilities near your area.

5. Local farms: If you can access local farms or ranches, they might be willing to provide beef tallow, especially if they process their meat.

6. Health food stores: Some health food stores or natural food co-ops carry beef tallows, especially if they cater to customers following specific dietary preferences, like Paleo or Keto diets.

7. Ethnic grocery stores: Some ethnic grocery stores, especially those catering to Middle Eastern, African, or Asian cuisines, may stock beef tallow as it is used in traditional recipes.

8. Specialty food stores: Stores specializing in gourmet or specialty foods may carry high-quality beef tallow for discerning chefs and home cooks.

Ways To Use Beef Tallow After Buying

Once you've got your hands on some quality beef tallow, there are myriad ways to incorporate it into your meals:

1. Frying: Beef tallow smoke point is pretty high. That makes it ideal for deep and pan frying. It adds a rich flavor to foods like French fries, chicken, and fish.

2. Roasting: Before roasting, use beef tallow to coat vegetables, potatoes, or meats. It helps achieve a crispy and flavorful exterior.

3. Sautéing: Substitute beef tallow for butter or oil when sautéing vegetables, mushrooms, or onions for a savory twist.

4. Baking: In baked goods like pie crusts, biscuits, and pastries, beef tallow can take the place of butter or shortening. It provides an original, delicious flavor.

5. Popcorn: Instead of butter, melt some beef tallow and drizzle it over popcorn for a delicious, savory snack.

6. Grilling: Brush beef tallow onto meats, vegetables, or bread before grilling to enhance flavor and prevent sticking.

7. Seasoning cast iron skillets: Use beef tallow to season cast iron skillets, which helps create a non-stick surface and prevents rust.

8. Homemade beef tallow chips: Freeze beef tallow in chip-sized portions for quick frying or roasting. This is convenient for smaller quantities.

9. Beef tallow candles: Some people use beef tallow to make candles for a rustic, old-fashioned ambiance.

10. Skin care: Some individuals use beef tallow as a moisturizer for dry skin, although this is less common in modern times.

11. Dog treats: You can create homemade dog treats using beef tallow for a rich flavor that dogs may enjoy.

12. Moisturizing hair mask: Beef tallow can be used as a natural mask to moisturize and condition dry or damaged hair. 

Way To Store Beef Tallow

Proper Storage Containers

The right storage containers make all the difference when it comes to keeping your beef tallow fresh and ready for future use.

Mason jars: Mason jars are airtight, sturdy, and come in various sizes. After using your beef tallow, let it cool slightly, then pour it into a clean, dry mason jar. Seal it up, and you're good to go. To maintain track of the jar's freshness, don't forget to label it with the date.

Plastic containers with tight-fitting lids: No worries if you don't have mason jars. Instead, you can use glass or plastic containers with tight-sealing lids. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

Let's ensure you avoid three common mistakes that can lead to spoiled beef tallow.

1. Leaving residue: Before storing your beef tallow, ensure no food particles or water droplets are in it. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to spoilage.

2. Exposing to light and heat: Light and heat can cause beef tallow to go rancid. Keep your containers away from heat sources like stovetops and ovens in a chilly, dark area.

3. Using unsealed containers: Always seal your storage containers properly to prevent air from getting in. Oxygen can lead to oxidation, affecting the quality of your beef tallow.

Alternatives To Beef Tallow

While beef tallow is a unique fat with its own set of benefits, there might be times when it eludes your shopping trip. 

Here are substitutes to consider:

Pork lard: Rendered pork fat is the closest in consistency and health benefits to beef tallow. It's often easier for you to find and use it in similar culinary applications.

Duck fat: A more gourmet option, duck fat offers a rich flavor profile and can be used for frying, roasting, and more.

Butter or ghee: While not exactly similar, in many recipes, butter or its clarified cousin, ghee, can be used instead of beef tallow.

Coconut oil: For those looking for a plant-based alternative, coconut oil, with its high smoke point and semi-solid state at room temperature, can be an option.

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Is beef tallow the same as lard?

No. While both are animal fats, beef tallow is from beef, and lard is from pork.

Can I use beef tallow for deep frying?

Absolutely! Its high smoke point makes it ideal for frying.

Is beef tallow suitable for all dishes?

While versatile, its distinct flavor might only suit some dishes. It's essential to gauge based on individual recipes.

Where can I get beef tallow online?

Our website, One Earth Health, offers high-quality beef tallow and other beef organ products to enhance your nutritional intake.

Do supermarkets sell lard?

Yes, many supermarkets do sell lard. You often find it in the baking or cooking oil section, and you can choose from options like traditional lard or hydrogenated lard.

Is beef tallow refrigerated?

You can store beef tallow. However, cooling it can increase its shelf life. At lower temperatures, it turns solid, but when heated, it turns liquid again.

Is beef tallow suitable for vegetarians?

No. Beef tallow is unsuitable for vegetarians. People derive it from animal fat.

Is beef tallow the same as butter?

No. Butter and beef tallow are not interchangeable. Butter is a dairy product manufactured from cream, whereas beef tallow is generated from cow fat.

What is another name for beef tallow?

Another name for beef tallow is "beef fat" or "rendered beef fat."