Keto Egg Fast

Keto Egg Fast

Fasting is a popular diet plan that has been practiced for its religious and health benefits. This widespread diet practice involves restricting or abstaining from food consumption [1]. Recently, there has been a proliferation numerous fasting ideas, and keto diet enthusiasts have not been left behind. The advent of the egg fast is certainly causing a stir in the diet world. 


In this article, we’ll discuss all the aspects you need to know about this increasingly popular fast. If desire to lose weight has hit a snag, or you are finding it hard to cope up with the ketogenic diet [2], this article is for you. We’ve gathered advice from well-renowned nutritionists to help you discover whether the practice is safe and know its benefits and risks.


Keto egg fast is a short-term meal idea conceptualized and actualized in early 2010 by low-carb blogger/nutritionist Jimmy Moore. As the name suggests, this is a diet regimen for the health-conscious practicing the ketogenic diet. It is a more restricted type of keto diet plan that entails consuming mainly eggs. However, the diet also encompasses eating healthy fats, in particular, cheese and butter. 

Keto egg fast enables dieters to wade through all weight-loss barriers. The egg fast advocates say it speeds up the breaking down of fats by restricting the intake of more foods. Also, the egg fast enables you to enter ketosis, and is usually practiced before the start of keto diet journey.


Some of the rules to remember when on the keto egg fast include: 

· You should get protein as well as fat only from whole eggs. 

· The eggs must be taken within 30mins after waking up. Also, no meal is to be consumed 3 hours before sleep time. 

· Per every egg eaten, you must take 15g of health fat and 28g of cheese. 

· An egg diet must be consumed after every 3 to 5 hours. That means consuming a meal even when you are feeling full. The idea is to consume more than 6 eggs in a single day. 

· It’s preferred you take pastured eggs when practicing keto egg fast. 

· Preferably, consume 1 or 2 diet coke soda, but taking up to 3 is not harmful.


Basically, the keto egg fast induces ketosis. So, before we delve into how the egg fast works, let’s first comprehend what ketosis is. 

Normally, the body gets vitality from glucose. The insufficient supply of glucose forces the body via the liver to metabolize stored fats converting them into ketones. This state when the body is utilizing ketones for energy is known as ketosis. Naturally, to reach ketosis, you should feed on 50 grams of carbohydrates or less in a day for at least 7 days [3]. We suggest to keep the carbs at 25 grams and then slowly increase the carb intake if you want to determine your carb ceiling limit. 

Typically, the egg fast restricts the total count food items more than a regular keto diet. The intensified restriction slashes calorie ingestion significantly, speeding up weight loss. However, even via the egg fast accelerates weight loss, the speed with which you achieve the desired outcomes is determined by various factors like your daily food intake, initial weight, and age.In summary, the keto egg fast restricts calories and speeds up ketosis, thereby stimulating faster weight loss.

benefits of keto egg fast

A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition deduced that the keto egg fast enabled participants to lose weight and remain full for longer [4]. However, even though the keto egg fast provides proteins and vital vitamins such as Vitamin (D and B12) as well as iron, the advantages of practicing the egg fast may not long-term. This is mainly because the meal plan is known to be more restraining than the normal ketogenic diet, and it can be hard to practice in the long-term. 

More benefits include: 

Reduce cravings 

According to studies eating eggs enables you to feel fuller for longer because they contain high quantities of protein, thereby reducing your craving. This may lead to the ingestion of fewer calories and stimulate weight loss. [5] [6

Lose belly fats 

Visceral fats or belly fats can be a nightmare, especially because they are difficult to shed. Besides, belly fats induce other health problems such as lingering pulmonary disorders, diabetes, and multiple lingering conditions. 

The keto egg fast can help you lose visceral fats faster. One study showed that women practicing a keto diet for 12 weeks lost approximately 21.2% of belly fat [7]. Considering, the keto egg fast is more limiting than the traditional keto diet, it means it can accelerate the loss of belly fats. 

Affects insulin resistance 

Insulin resistance happens when your body is unable to react appropriately to insulin. Insulin is a vital hormone known for regulating blood sugar levels. Some studies have shown that when you eat a ketogenic diet you reduce insulin resistance, thereby improving your body ability to control blood sugars. [8]


First, eggs are high in cholesterol, and can only be a healthy source of protein when consumed in moderation. As a result, consuming eggs in high quantities, as promoted by the egg fast, can trigger some prolonged health conditions. This means the keto egg fast can only be a short-term plan that should not be practiced for more than five days. 

Practicing the diet plan for long may cause nutritional insufficiency, since eating eggs alone is not a balanced diet. The keto egg fast can also cause constipation, as it restricts the ingestion of high fiber foods like greens and fruits [9]. If you want to shed some pounds, the keto egg fast is not be the best option; unless it is wrapped in a long-term weight maintenance strategy.


In summary, not many studies have been done to indicate the exact benefits one would get by practicing the keto egg fast. The health benefits highlighted in materials you will find online are more related to the keto diet than the egg fast. Besides, since this type of fast is a temporary diet plan, it may be difficult to achieve benefits such as shed weight in 3 to 5 days. We recommend practicing the keto egg fast to break your weight loss plateau, then switching to a well-orchestrated, long-term weight management plan like a ketogenic diet.



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