What Can I Eat On A Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet is all about eating meat and other animal foods – that's it! No fruits, veggies, or anything else. It might sound a bit wild, but lots of people are trying it out nowadays. From Joe Rogan to Dr. Jordan Peterson, everyone's been raving about how amazing this diet is for you.

So, what exactly can you eat while on a carnivore diet? Let's find out!

Foods You Can Eat On The Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet is pretty flexible when it comes to your favorite animal products. Here's the good stuff:

Beef: Beef is the star of this diet! Think juicy steaks, yummy roasts, and even good old-fashioned burgers are all on the menu. Go for fattier cuts like ribeye or brisket for more energy and flavor.

Pork: Bacon, sausages, pork chops—sounds pretty tasty, right? You can also enjoy pork shoulder for pulled pork or ribs for a BBQ feast. Just make sure you avoid any sugary sauces.

Poultry: Chicken and turkey are easy, healthy favorites. Roasted, grilled, fried – go for whatever you like best!

Seafood: Salmon, shrimp, crab, lobster, and cod are all allowed in the carnivore diet, and they're a great source of healthy fats like omega-3s.

Eggs: Eggs are a classic in the carnivore diet. Scrambled, boiled, or fried — eggs are delicious and easy to make. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They're packed with protein and super easy to prepare​.

Dairy: Some people include dairy on this diet, but stick to high-fat stuff like cheese, butter, and cream. If dairy makes your tummy unhappy, skip it!

    Foods You Can't Eat On A Carnivore Diet

    While there's lots of delicious stuff you can eat, there are a few no-no’s:

    Plants: No veggies, fruits, nuts, or anything else that grows from the ground. That means no salads, smoothies, or fruit snacks. This diet is all about meat and animal-based foods.

    Processed Stuff: Forget about packaged snacks and even processed meats with additives. You want to eat clean, natural animal products without the extra junk​. This also includes stuff like bread, pasta, rice, or anything with grains.

    Sweets and Sugary Foods: This means no desserts, sugary drinks, or anything sweetened. Stick with water, tea, or coffee (without sugar)​.

    It can be a little hard at first, but try the carnivore diet for at least 3-6 week, and you'll see the wonderful changes yourself! In fact, even Harvard University agrees that the carnivore diet can have life-changing benefits and they posted the results from their comprehensive study right here!