Beef Liver Benefits

Who knew eating beef liver could be so beneficial? Its rising popularity is giving the world another chance with this nutrient dense meat.

The Mighty Liver

Liver is a superfood with a wide variety of vitamins linked to giving the body more energy, stronger immunity, healthier skin and mental clarity. 

The organ meat provides a blend of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. 

Fat soluble vitamins are stored in your body’s fat. It’s always there if you don’t get your daily intake. The body simply accesses them during the time of need. 

Thus, if you don’t meet your daily requirement via diet for the day, the body has you covered. 

Water soluble vitamins on the other hand isn’t like that. You need it each day. Any excess water soluble vitamins is usually expelled by the body daily. Nothing is stored.

Below are the key vitamins and minerals you get from eating liver.

Vitamin A - Fat Soluble

1. Helps fight free radicals.

2. Provides immune support

3. Helps with eye health

4. Prevent birth defects. Helps with fetal development

5. Improves cognitive functions (memory storage and recovery)

Vitamin K - Fat Soluble

1. Prevents calcium build up in the arteries

2. Promotes energy production in the cell’s mitochondria

3. May help with depression

Vitamin K1 is found in plants and K2 in animals. Researchers believe K2 absorbs better.

Vitamin B Complex - Water Soluble

This complex does so much more than people realize.

Give the body energy


Eye Health

Red blood cell production


Helps other vitamins to be absorb by the body better

Nerve Function

Skin health

Improves digestions

Hormone production

Antibodies production

Fetal development

Heart Health

DNA creation


Iron - You have 2 types. Non Heme from plants and heme iron from meat. And there is a small amount of non-heme iron in meat as well. Researchers believe heme iron is absorbed by the body better.

Zinc - Needed for the immune system and reproductive health.

Copper - Helps with iron metabolism, brain development and immune system.

Selenium - Helps produce antioxidants. 

Where can you find beef liver?

Its popularity is so strong you can find it in your local supermarket nowadays unlike 5 years ago. The top priority is pasture raised, organic liver. 

If you can’t find it, then go for the 100% grass fed and then regular organic where the cows are fed organic grains. Not ideal but better than non-organic.

Farmer’s markets and butcher shops are great places to find quality liver. You get to know your butcher and they may have access to unique meat cuts you can’t find anywhere else. And they know their meat sources more intimately than supermarkets.

How to eat beef liver?

Cook the liver low and slow. Make sure there is some red in the middle. A mild red. Not bleeding red. I mix mine with sautéed onions and add in cumin spice. Once on my plate, I throw in some garlic sauce for taste.

What if I don’t like the taste of beef liver?

You can always get the beef liver pills. Go for the high quality New Zealand sourced beef organ supplements. And you don’t have to take it each day. Maybe in the beginning if you need to get your health up to speed. 

You can then cut back on the daily dosage.

Give liver a try! So many people get that energy buzz when eating liver. The capsules are a good alternative if you get it from a high quality source